Dar gato por liebre

If there is something that has maintained the tradition over the centuries, it is undoubtedly the bad reputation of inns, inns and inns, regarding the quality of their meals.


The universal literature is full of allusions, many of them ironic, about the value of the foods offered in them. And it was so much the discredit of these places that it became customary among the diners to practice a spell, prior to the tasting, in which those, standing before the freshly roasted meat, recited: “If you are a kid, stay fried If you’re a cat, jump to the plate. ” Of course, this “exorcism” never served to prove the veracity of the inn’s fame, but gave rise to the expression giving cat for hare, which eventually became popular language as equivalent of malicious deception by which it is given something of inferior quality, under the guise of legitimacy.

Other Proverbs

Gallina vieja hace buen caldo
Haciendo y deshaciendo se va aprendiendo
Si hay trato, pueden ser amigos perro y gato
El tiempo todo lo cura