El que ríe el último, ríe mejor

We’re going to see a very common Spanish saying: “El que ríe el último, ríe mejor” (The one who laughs last, laughs best).

It’s a proverb that can be used in many situations and with similar meanings.

In fact, on the one hand it means that you can’t claim victory soon, since life is unpredictable and can change everything.

On the other hand, it is also used when someone finally reaches a goal or dream he/she had for a long time, despite the critics and the adversary’s advantage.

Moreover, it can be used when a person is beaten unfairly and hopes one day there will be a payback.

Finally, in some cases this saying is ironic, that is when who says it has been the first to realize an objective also attempted by other people.

Anyways, this proverb generally invites us to celebrate a victory only when we have already reached the goal, thus avoiding arrogance.

So be careful and don’t claim victory ahead of time!

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