A quien Dios se la dé, San Pedro se la bendiga

Today iNMSOL proposes a proverb that is related to the Christian imagery: “A quien Dios se la dé, San Pedro se la bendiga”, somehow close to the English saying “What can’t be cured must be endured”.

This saying was born from the conviction that, if God orders something, we just have to accept it. This means that when something happens we can only resign ourselves to the circumstances.

Therefore, from a spiritual point of view, when something happens, either it is the result of the will of God, or God has allowed it, so a person must accept his/her fate and ask for Saint Peter’s blessing. The invocation of St. Peter is due to the fact that this saint had to learn to obey God and also because he became the head of the Church. Despite the role of Saint Peter, in some variants of the proverb his name is replaced by that of some patron saint, such as: “A quien Dios se la diere, San Antón se la bendiga”.

This saying is ambivalent because it is used both when we are satisfied with something and to show indifference. In any case, it means that everyone should be responsible for their own destiny and assume a positive and mature attitude towards luck, taking advantage of it.

A Quien Dios Se La De San Pedro Se La Bendiga

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