Si hay trato, pueden ser amigos perro y gato

A very simple and interesting saying at the same time is: “If there is a deal, even a dog and a cat can be friends” (“Si hay trato, pueden ser amigos perro y gato”).  iNMSOL offers you the explanation of what this phrase means since it regards something that always happens in our lives.

Everyone knows that dogs and cats fight normally, but it is a good example to explain that, even if two people get along badly or have no relationship, they can still come to an understanding or do things together, if they reach an agreement. That is to say that common interests are above rivalries, if both parties can benefit.

That happens normally between two friends, siblings or in a relationship between a son/daughter and his/her parents for different characters, attitudes or thoughts, or also when two people do not try to reach a common point.

The fundamental thing is that, almost always, such a difficult situation is resolved, because friendship and family are always more important than all the problems that surround us. Moreover the union is strength; therefore people would better help each other. Different opinions can converge to solve everything, you just have to be patient and understand what each one needs to be in peace and tranquility.

Therefore, who says that a dog and a cat can’t be friends?

dog and cat

dog and cat

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