Preparation Method:

In Andalusia you must try a generous plate of fried fish. Undoubtedly, one of the typical dishes of Andalusia. Fried fish can be considered the king of the chiringuitos and tapas bars. The preparation is simple: it has to be dipped in flour and fried. As for the fish, it depends on the chef’s choice.

Freid fish

It is very important that the fish is very dry, dry it with kitchen paper until all the water is removed.

Dredge the fish in flour and drain it with your hands to remove the excess or put it in a sieve or colander. It is important that there is no excess flour. You can also put it in a plastic bag with flour and move the bag up and down, so that the fish only absorbs the necessary flour.

Once floured, the fish is dipped in hot oil that begins to smoke, 180º. The best oil is extra virgin olive oil so that the fish does not absorb too much fat.

Now you too can try your hand at cooking this delicious dish – enjoy!

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