Preparation Method:

We go on presenting fresh and nutritional recipes, ideal for the warm summer! This time we will show you how to prepare a great meal: a mixture between a really Spanish recipe, the gazpacho, and the couscous, a Maghrebian meal: Gazpacho couscous.

Step 1

Chop all the ingredients for the gazpacho (tomato, cucumber, pepper and garlic) and add the oil, the vinegar and the salt. We beat all well and add water. It should be a liquid gazpacho, not very thick. Reserve.

Step 2

We put the precooked couscous in a large bowl, and add a glass and a half of gazpacho. We let the couscous absorbs well the gazpacho for 10 minutes. After this time we will see that the couscous is hydrated with the gazpacho (like it was water) and it has been absorbed. We crumble it well with a fork to make it loose.

Step 3

Chop a tomato, a piece of cucumber and a slice of onion (optional), and add it to the couscous. We also use a piece of mackerel and add it on the top. Now it’s ready to eat!

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