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Jamon asado

Preparation Method

Jamon asado is one of the typical dishes of Spanish cuisine that one cannot help but try.


1 piece of fresh ham (leg of pork without the hoof)
Salt (just enough to cover the ham)
2 pieces of leek
1 piece of onion
1 head of garlic
1 bunch of herbs (to taste)
3 bay leaves
4 tablespoons of Madeira wine or similar
1 glass of white wine
Meat stock
10 grams of black peppercorns
Lard for stuffing


Roast the jamon asado at least one week before the day we want to eat it. Rub the entire piece of meat with coarse salt. Let the ham rest for 6-7 days in a container with a bed of salt. It should lie with the skin side down and the other side covered with salt.

In a large oven dish, arrange the ham with the other ingredients. Add the chopped vegetables and remember to cook the ham in advance given its 5-7 hour cooking time.  Next, clean the ham well to remove excess salt adhering to the meat.

Place the ham on a baking tray and later in the oven over moderate heat. Check the temperature of the water and ensure that the cooking liquid does not exceed 80ºC.

After the first 4 hours of cooking, prick the ham with deep cuts in the meat. After about 6 hours, the first phase of cooking the meat should be ready.


Then remove the ham from the water and place it on a grill, skin side up, and cover the visible parts of the bone with aluminium foil. Then sprinkle the entire roast ham with lard.

In the tray under the grill, put some more lard together with a little white wine and Madeira wine. Turn on the oven to a medium-high temperature of 180-190ºC. and bake for an average of 25 minutes per kilo of meat.

During this second cooking process of the jamon asado, it is important to keep an eye on the meat and moisten it with the juices from the pan. If the crust is too dry, the skin can be brushed again with more butter.

To know that our jamon asado is ready, prick the meat until no clear liquid comes out.

To prepare the sauce, retrieve whatever is left in the pan from under the shelf and deglaze with a little meat stock. Heat and stir until the sauce reduces to the desired consistency.

Cut slices of ham with a ham knife or an electric knife and douse with the hot sauce. This dish can be served with a fresh salad or mashed potatoes.

Jamon asado

Enjoy your meal!


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