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Spanish cuisine offers countless dishes given its vast culinary tradition. Among the countless delicacies is without doubt the famous Jamón Serrano, in Italy called ‘prosciutto crudo’.

Jamón Serrano


Literally ‘mountain ham’, it is a foodstuff made by salting and air-drying the hind limbs of the white pig. it is also known as ‘Jamón del país’ or ‘Jamón curado’. It may be called ‘paleta’ or ‘paletilla’ when the forelimbs are used. Jamón serrano is recognised as a guaranteed traditional speciality.


This ham can be combined with different products; it goes well with almost anything. It can be eaten alone, but it tends to be served with bread, cheese, fruit, fish, vegetables, etc.

Since it has an intense flavour, it is easy to combine and allows a wide range of interpretations to suit everyone’s taste. It is also very common to eat it with tapas, perhaps even adding it to simple or more elaborate dishes. It is excellent for both traditional and more creative cuisine.


Young red wines go well with jamón serrano. They mellow their aromas and envelop themselves in fat, creating an expressive blend.

As for whites, they go well together as long as they have some age. It is best not to opt for young whites, which often have fruity notes and acidity. They will be lost with the intense flavour and fatty texture of the ham.

Sweet white wines are also not the most recommendable for pairing, as they often numb the taste buds and prevent one from enjoying such tasty and expressive food.

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