Preparation Method:

This salpicón de mejillones is a very healthy and delicious starter, ideal for the warm days of Granada!

  1. Preparation of the mussels: the first step is to thoroughly clean the mussels. They can be scraped with a knife or you can use a steel wool. We put the mussels in a pot with water and we cover them, we leave on medium heat until the mussels, and then we drain the broth (not throw the broth! We?ll leave it in a glass). Once the mussels have cooled a bit, we separate the shells and keep the ones with the mussel, and reserve them.
  2. Preparation of the “salpicón“: the “salpicón” is the stuffing we will add to the mussels. We mince the tomatoes, the onions and the peppers. When everything is chopped, we mix all the ingredients in a bowl and add a spoon of the broth we reserved from cooking the mussels. We dress the mixture with olive oil, vinegar and salt to taste.
  3. Final preparation: we put the middle parts of the mussels we had reserved on a plate. Using a spoon, we cover the mussels with the salpicón, and our Salpicón de Mejillones ready to eat!
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