Preparation Method:

Put the tigernuts to soaking, in order that they are hydrated and get spongy. It is important that they are to soaking 24/48 hours and the water changes several times 
Past this time, we put the tigernuts hydrated in a container with a bit of water and start crushing them with the mixer(beater).

Little by little there will be going out the milk of the tigernut or the orgeat.

Then, we put it through  a potato ricer  for two things: to withdraw the impurities and to squeeze a bit more the tigernuts. It is a costly labor and needs of patience and a lot of manual force.
And at the end we add the sugar and the rest of the water to the container and mix energetically. We it put to the icebox a couple of hours. 

Finally we serve the homemade horchata, and only enjoy this refreshing drink. By the way, the homemade horchata is to consume in a matter of hours, if it does not spoil very easily.

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