Today, Tuesday 6th of February from 8pm, the Biblioteca de Andalucía will present “Palabra de Lorca”, a volume by Malpaso that collects all the interviews, a third of them unpublished, given to the press from the Grenadian poet Federico García Lorca.

At the ceremony, organized by the editorial of Barcelona in collaboration with the Centro Andaluz de las Letras, will participate the publisher of the book, Rafael Inglada, the journalist expert in Lorca, Víctor Fernández and the flamenco singer Miguel Poveda.

“The presentation will turn into a round table discussion in which I hope will participate everyone who comes.” Inglada affirms.



Palabra de Lorca is an “unpublished book of the poet himself”, it is not a study about the dramatist, but Lorca’s voice talking to the journalists. It shows the political Lorca, the familiar Lorca, the Lorca of the premieres, the Lorca with the Romancero Gitano. It presents to the reader a closer and home-living Lorca, in slippers and housecoat, but also a more cautious Lorca. Indeed this book defines itself as an “autobiography of the public Lorca, but not of the private one, because they are still interviews made to be published by the press”.

The poet also highlights some of the best sentences of the volume: “Normal is love without limits. Because love is more and better than the moral of a dogma”.

If you are now in Granada studying in our school, you cannot miss this opportunity to discover something about one of the most famous poets of our city.