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Granada Sound Day: the last big party of the summer

Granada Sound Festival 2020

For several years, our city has hosted one of the last music festivals of the summer. This event is Granada Sound Festival: a pop, indie and rock music festival that brings together more than 25,000 people each edition.  In 2020, and due to the sanitary restrictions caused by the pandemic, the festival will be different. The festival has been renamed “Granada Sound Day”. It will take place in 2 days, for which you will need separate tickets:


  • There is limited capacity, since the assistants will have to occupy a seat during the shows.
  • The number of performances have also been reduced, and with it the duration of the festival.
  • Tickets on sale for on separate days, Friday or Saturday.


The Granada Sound Day is a great solution in the current weird situation. So people living in Granada and others will not miss out this great event. If you are studying Spanish in Granada or you live near our city, we strongly suggest this plan!




Cartel Granada Sound

Cartel y horarios Granada Sound Day 2020

Friday September 18

The bands scheduled for Saturday, and their starting times, are:

  • Full (18:00)


Banda Full

  • Fuel Fandango (19:30)

Fuel Fandango

Banda Fuel Fandango

  • Varry Brava (21:10)

Varry Brava

Banda Varry Brava

  • ElyElla (22:50)


Banda ElyElla

Saturday September 19

During Saturday these bands will perform:

  • Veintiuno (18:00)


Banda Veintiuno

  • Viva Suecia(19:30)

Viva Suecia

Banda Viva Suecia

  • Dorian (21:15)


Banda Dorian

  • Innmir (22:50)




The price of day tickets is € 22 plus expenses, and they can be purchased online here:

The Granada Sound Day festival will take place in the same venue in recent years, at the Cortijo del Conde, complying with all the necessary safety and hygiene measures. Although this year it will not have a shuttle bus service.


Granada Sound Day in streaming

If you cannot attend the festival, the organizers have a solution for you. Buy your ticket and watch these concerts in streaming: follow the performances online for € 6 + expenses, a very good idea!


Concierto en streaming

Sigue el Granada Sound Day en streaming




From iNMSOL we recommend this festival and all cultural activities: culture is safe. If you finally attend, have a great time and tell us about your experience!


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