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Federico Garcia Lorca’s House Museum

The building that House Museum Federico García Lorca of Valderrubio shelters is a traditional house to work with two plants, built in 1915 on the foundations of the old house that Federico’s father was turning into the rural home of the family between 1905 and 1909. Living in this house Federico was to school and met the first itinerant theater, which awoke in him his interest in this genre, seeds of his future creative vocation. It would also be the place where they pass the summers until 1925.

The home of Federico García Lorca is designed to serve as both shelter


and space to store the harvest. This house is at the same time supplemented by a little attached housing where butlers lived, more popular invoice. Both houses are open to a broad and bright courtyard, which are located in other buildings such as pens and the old block, now converted in theater and room for temporary exhibitions.

The actions for the formation of the house into a museum date back to the late 1970s.That’s when the interest in recovering thememory of Federicoand his family reappears through thereconstruction of the spacesthey inhabit, scenarios of a full of sensitivity life; rooms for work, rest, leisure, and definitely for a daily life which was always a brainwave source. Landscapes and people of the place, customs, verbal expressions, festivals and folk’s events are present in many ofFederico’s works.

Parallel to the acquisition and restoration of the property it’s starting to work on recovery of household goods and pieces of furniture, some of which had been kept by neighbors responsible for oversight of the house and the exploitation of the land in the family.This event definitely helped boost the recovery of the house and it’s opening to the public in 1998.



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