Granada is one of the most valued cities right after famous cities such as London, Rome, New York, Paris, Madrid, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote,Tenerife, Sevilla or Barcelona; according to a survey published by the travel web page TripAdvisor, Granada represents the most economic city that you can find in Spain.

During the week of the 8th of December, Granada already presents the 90% of reservations. Flight companies have increased flights to Garcia Lorca airport and they predicted the turnout of almost 5400 people per week.

Talking about other andalousian destinations selected by Spanish people, according to TripAdvisor the price of the hotels during the period between December and March is 113,50 € per night; on the contrary in the Dominician Republic the rate is 368,50 €, in New York is 265,5 and in Paris 226,75 €.


This is what tourists who have done some researches on Internet in order to find a place where to go to for the weekend or holidays. During the month of December, usually the rate is 126€, and in January they decrease to 103€, until they reach 98€ in February. On the contrary, from March – the beginning of the touristic season – prices of hotels increase reaching almost 127€ per night.


Furthermore, the city of Granada is really cheap also talking about food: with 2.50€ tourists have the possibility to enjoy the best tapas of Spain.

You have no excuse anymore!

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