Training Course for Teachers ELE: Information Technology and Communication applied to ELE teaching.

This ICT Course for ELE teaching has been going ahead for the last week with success.

curso TIC

Between the 2nd and the 8th February we had the pleasure to welcome five teachers from Italy, through the Erasmus + Training Program, who followed a course on the application of ICT in the ELE classroom. Among other things, they have learned the latest technological tools to apply in didactic environments  of the teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language and the role of Gamification in the process of teaching.

A the same time they have carried out a daily activity program that has given them the knowledge of the character of our environment, the city of Granada and the current culture and remains of the Arab past in the area.

The PIC Number of Instituto Mediterráneo Sol to request an Erasmus + scholarship is: 946 526 292

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