Many people ask why they should put in the effort of learning a new language, especially if they live in a primarily English-speaking country. English is a commonly spoken language and students all over the world learn it as their second language so that they can use it professionally, so what’s the point? In fact, learning another language can help you professionally, especially if you speak Spanish. Professional outings with Spanish are plentiful because Spanish is the second most widely-spoken languages in the world.

Professional outings with Spanish

For example, if you want to become a teacher, knowledge of Spanish can open up teaching opportunities for you all over the world. Even if you don’t decide to teach Spanish, teaching in a Spanish-speaking country and knowing how to speak the language can help you connect with your students. Even if you don’t live in a predominantly Spanish-speaking country, you will have Spanish speakers in your class and you will be able to guide them in their language.

Professional outings with Spanish exist outside of the classroom as well. One growing field is that of translation and interpretation. Businesses need their documents translated into Spanish so that they can reach a wider audience, and the medical and legal fields are always in need of interpreters to help patients and clients when they are at their most vulnerable. This skill can also open you up to governmental positions which typically offer a lot of job security.

International companies are especially on the lookout for Spanish speakers. Since these companies serve clients from all over the world, speaking only one language can really limit you professionally because you can only provide service to those who speak English. When you speak Spanish you can serve a much broader client base, making you much more valuable professionally. When you become more valuable, you get better positions and might even get the chance to travel abroad on the company’s dime!

If you want to learn Spanish properly so you can truly take advantage of the professional benefits of knowing Spanish, the best choice is to learn Spanish in Spain.

When you learn Spanish in Spain, you are immersed in the language 24/7 to the point where you may even start thinking in Spanish! iNMSOL offers intensive Spanish courses to suit all levels in Granada, Spain as well as homestays so that you have constant opportunities to learn and speak in Spanish. You can learn more about our Spanish courses at