If you have ever had a desire to learn proper Spanish as a foreign language, look no further than Instituto Mediterráneo Sol, or iNMSOL.

Our courses enable you to learn Spanish in Spain, the tongue’s motherland. To make the most out of your Spanish learning experience, we help you earn the Spanish as a Foreign Language diploma, also known as DELE, which stands for its Spanish meaning, Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera. The DELE exam is the key to make this goal possible. Hence, with iNMSOL, you do not only learn the language to perfection, but you also get the accolades for it!


A DELE is a token of professional competency that you can carry everywhere you go. It is one of the most coveted diplomas in the acquisition of Spanish as a second or foreign language, and it is more than just a piece of paper: it is a professional opportunity.

Reasons to get DELE diploma

A) Earn a bilingual position

Even at the simplest conversational level, having the skills to understand and communicate in basic Spanish gives you an upper hand at work, where you can be tasked with working with basic translation of documents and directions at your work place. These bilingual positions are rare and hard to get. Not when you have a diploma from one of the highest accredited Spanish institutions in Granada, Spain through the DELE exam. A DELE is not just a hanging on the wall; it is a distinction.

B) Get paid more

Did you know that added talents equate higher pay in many corporate positions? These added skills can include knowing CPR, being a community volunteer and, yes, speaking a second language that can help with the company’s community outreach. Become certified with iNMSOL, a true Spanish language institution.

C) Tutor or teach

Knowing Spanish, and having a strong education that grants a diploma, are the perfect vehicle to establish a legit tutoring side job or business. Moreover, with so many organizations offering second language learning programs- and lacking teachers for it- this is a great career opportunity for many.

D) Build a second language portfolio

From one of the best educational institutions- Our Spanish school in Granada is accredited by Instituto Cervantes, which is the highest rated Spanish institution for the learning of the language. Whether you use your diploma or not, it is a proof of professional development and continuing education that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

E) Have fun with it

Get involved with the Spanish culture by learning Spanish in Spain, and attending our Spanish school in Granada. Think: Beautiful sights, amazing connections, and the best experience in language learning possible.

The DELE difference

Nowadays, you can learn Spanish using a variety of media: Online, through travel, using software; the options are limitless. We offer a more productive option: to actually do something with the Spanish you learn. Learn Spanish in Spain with the highest quality standards, earn a diploma, and change your professional life for good.