From iNMSOL we bring you some news about the DELE and CCSE exams for 2020 that will take effect in the next calls. Many of our students will process to obtain Spanish nationality and, for this, they must take two exams: the DELE and the CCSE.

However, all the important news about the DELE and CCSE exams for 2020 can be found on the official website of the Cervantes Institute. Anyway, we want to anticipate all the most relevant changes.

Attentive to the following information!

Find out without obligation all the news about the DELE and CCSE exams by 2020

From iNMSOL we are at your disposal to answer any questions that may arise regarding the developments in the DELE and CCSE exams for 2020.

For this, in addition to the information you have on the official website of Instituto Cervantes, you can contact us without obligation through the email

New CCSE exams for Spanish nationality: new 2020 manual

The CCSE exam is an exam of 25 test questions that assess the knowledge of the Constitution and of the Spanish social and cultural reality. These questions are included in a manual that is accessed from this website.


Novedades sobre los exámenes CCSE para nacionalidad de 2020


As a result, a new manual is available and will come into effect from the first call of 2020. That is, it will begin to be used in the CCSE exam on January 30, 2020.

Also … you have to be careful when studying the correct manual! This new manual has 25% different questions than the 2019 manual. It also has a different format, simpler than the previous one, and digital.

On the other hand, the new format allows you to see the questions and answers more intuitively. This new manual is now available in the ‘CCSE 2020 Manual‘ section of the Cervantes Institute website.

News DELE level A2 exams

Likewise, in the case of DELE level A2 exams there are also novelties. The content of the A2 level test has also been modified. It has been adapted to the needs of most candidates. However, this does not mean that it is more difficult, but that it is different.


Novedades sobre los exámenes DELE de 2020


In this case, the structure of the DELE level A2 exam, which consists of four parts, remains the same:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Auditive comprehension
  • Written expression and interaction
  • Oral Expression and Interaction

Meanwhile, at this level the candidate is asked to use Spanish to enable him to:

  1. Understand and use everyday expressions of frequent use (basic information about yourself and your family, shopping and places of interest, occupations, etc.).
  2. Carry out simple and direct communicative exchanges about familiar or usual aspects, as well as describe in simple terms aspects of their past and their surroundings.
  3. Satisfy issues related to your immediate needs.

Finally, we inform you that the Instituto Cervantes has already uploaded to its website the calendar of DELE 2020 calls with their corresponding registration deadlines. As you have already been informed, this period begins on November 13. Like other years, 7 calls per year will be held with different presence of DELE levels.

In iNMSOL we offer DELE A2 preparation courses

With INMSOL, candidates have the option of taking a DELE A2 preparation course. We offer classes in which to practice all parts of the exam with real DELE examiners.

In addition, we have special discounts for those enrolled in nationality exams.


Curso de preparación al DELE A2


Do not hesitate to ask us for all the information you need, our team will solve all your questions.

Good luck to all the candidates!

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