The director Jorge Naranjo wants to show us Lorca’s poet in New York from another point of view.

We all know Federico García Lorca‘s “Poet in New York”. The poet from Granada travelled to New York and Cuba in 1929 to give a series of lectures.

Historically, this period is recreated as a dark time in the poet’s life. It is thought that he was going through a bad economic period and depression. Life in Spain was not easy for him, neither personally nor professionally, so he used the journey as a means of escape.

During the journey, which lasted until 1930, he wrote many poems that would be published years later. This collection of poems would be entitled ‘Poeta en Nueva York’.

The tragic end of Federico García Lorca has made his memory melancholic and dark.

However, what would happen if we presented Lorca as a rock star? This is what the director intends to do.

Poeta en Nueva York

Lorca: rockstar

Jorge Naranjo aims to create a new vision of the poet: to give light to so much darkness. “We want to reflect the Lorca who was a force of nature, the one who came to parties, played the piano and made noise. That Lorca was born in the journey he made in 1929 between the United States and Cuba, and that is what we want to tell in a series of six episodes”.

What the director intends to convey is “the journey of a hero, because he is a person who at that moment is in Spain, sunk and repressed. And suddenly he is presented with the opportunity of a journey that will allow him to free himself in all aspects, from the economic to the literary or sexual, and become the best Federico he can be”.

Jaime Lorente

And the main character of this series has already a name and a surname: Jaime Lorente. The actor became famous thanks to the character of Denver, which he plays in La Casa de Papel. And now he is about to take on a real character, with a totally different profile to the one we are used to.

Jaime Lorente como Denver

Check here the biography of Jaime Lorente.

We at iNMSOL are looking forward to the series debut, because we love everything about Lorca!

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