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Spanish Culture : Review of Carlos Luis Zafón, “The Shadow of the Wind”

Today we will talk about a Spanish author who in the last period was considered to be the one who more did talk about him and his books. We are talking of Carlos Luis Zafón and in particular of his best-known  and most sublime work, namely, “The Shadow of the Wind.”
For those who are unfamiliar with this book, we begin to take a look at the history:
“A dawn of 1945 a boy is led by his father to a mysterious hidden place in the heart of the Old Town: The Cemetery of Forgotten Books. There, Daniel Sempere finds a book that will change the course of his life and drag him into a labyrinth of intrigues and dark secrets buried in the soul of the city”.
The Shadow of the Wind is a literary mystery set in Barcelona in the first half of the twentieth century, from the past glories of Modernism to the darkness of war. The Shadow of the Wind mixing techniques tale of intrigue, historical romance and comedy of manners but, above all, a historical love tragedy whose echo is projected over time. With great narrative power, the author weaves plots and mysteries like  Russian dolls in an memorable story about the secrets of the heart and the charm of the books, keeping you guessing until the last page.
The narrative of this book is one of the best stories of the last period. This book was written a couple of years ago, but reads like it was written long ago. You will not get bored of this book because the story completely catches you, that’s what caught you from the beginning.

In this book we see not only a love story, we see two love stories with many similarities (and one of them it’s years before the the other) and with many things that make us  suspire.

At the end we can say that this story has everything, romance, mystery, action .. For all these reasons, t’s also difficult to know in which category put it. But one thing is certain: it is a very good “salad”.

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