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Special programs adapted to American Universities

We are accompanied by a group of American girls who have come from the University of Texas, in order to do specific study programs. These are special programs adapted to American Universities, since they require a certain number of hours that will be validated for credits. In addition to the Spanish courses, some of them are carrying out other types of courses, chekc them out!

American students in Granada

Individual needs, specific courses

Within the same group from the United States there are students with different academic needs, individual needs, who needs specific courses. Therefore, each one has an individually designed course, so they all will get the certification required by their university. There is a wide variety of courses: Intensive Spanish courses at various levels, Medical Spanish, Commercial Spanish and Courses of Spanish and Latin American culture. All these courses are taught by iNMSOL’s teachers.


Spanish and Latin American culture

Complementary cultural activities

Our students always have the opportunity to attend our weekly activities program free of charge: they are complementary cultural activities of their daily tuition. It is an ideal way to learn about the culture and the lifestyle of the city of Granada.

Mirador de San Nicolás

Alhambra views













During these days they have been able to enjoy a guided tour through the Albaicín, they have seen the art creations of El Niño de las Pinturas (a popular Granadian graffiter ), and have visited the main belenes of the city center, wich is a typical Christmas tradition in Spain … And they still have many more activities scheduled for the next few days!




Most of the students are in the equator of their stay, so we will give you more details of their program and their experience in iNMSOL, … stay tuned! And please let us know how your Christmas holidays are going on.

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