Granada,the city of flamenco and full of colors, but also the city of culture and poetry, literature and science.  Granada presents the great cultural inheritance that you can find in monuments such as the Alhambra, the Monasterio de la Cartuja, Bañuelo, the Cathedral and the Capilla Real.  Granada fought for so long in order to improve its infrastrucutures, becoming a touristic destination, a city of culture and universities.

Why is Granada considered one of the best cities in Spain?

In this article we are going to discover some interesting aspects which will make you want to take the first flight to Granada!

A city that captures. It is a place that perfectly combines both aspects of the village and the city. When we visit Granada we can feel at home, thanks to its inhabitants and streets. At the same time we can find a great cultural variety, which is typical of city life.

Weather. The weather is one of the advantages of Granada, even if during the summer temperatures can also get to 42 degrees. On the contrary, during the other seasons of the year the temperatures are regulars – this includes also winter season, where you usually you can’t find less than 10 degrees.

Car. Unlike other cities in Spain – such as Madrid or Barcelona – in Granada it is possible to quickly reach your destination without needing a car. Especially in areas like Albaicín and Alhambra the urban traffic has been limited, and also in the city centre going by walk results to be the best way to discover its typical streets.

Cost of life. In general Granada is a cheap city, in particular in renting and buying a house: a bedroom can cost between 150 and 200 € per month, plus fees – gas and water. Actually what you really have to enjoy in Granada is the “tapas tradition”. Here you can eat very well and for a few euros: usually with 3 or 4 euros you can have little portions of food and a drink for free. Granada is one of the cheapest cities in Spain.

University town. Granada hosts one of the most relevant university places of Spain. Indeed from September thousands of students arrive to Granada in order to start the academic year. The city is also one of the most eligible for foreign students who consider Granada as the perfect place to live their Erasmus experience – indeed it is the city which hosts more Erasmus students in all Europe. At the same time a lot of faculties are situated very close to the city centre, and this contributes to create a young atmosphere – in other cities, universities are usually neighborhoods and students live in residence away from the centre.

History. Granada presents a cultural and social history that represents a mixture of different cultures that the same city hosted during centuries. For this reason we can visit the Albaicín – considered Humanity’s Heritage from UNESCO since 1994. You can also enjoy the magic sightseeing of Granada from one of the famous “miradores”. Or you can also walk through the Realejo and having tapas in one of the typical cafés of the city.


To conclude, Granada – talking about the quality of life, its history, its weather and its university education – is the perfect city…

So, what are you waiting for to take the first flight to Granada?!