Dios los crÍa, y ellos se juntan

Have you ever realized that usually people tend to join together with the ones with the same tastes, interests and way to be?

To explain it, Spanish people invented the saying “birds of a feather, flock together” – in Spanish “Dios los crìa, y ellos se juntan” – in order to show that it’s possible for two persons (or more) to be born in different and long-distance places and still meeting and joining together.
This proverb alludes to this natural tendency with some kind of irony, and it refers mainly to persons who keep a blamable behavior.

The expression is supposed to mark that, sooner or later, those people who share the same features, traits and interests, no matter when or where, are going to meet and stay together, precisely because they are similar.
Of course this is not due to the human willing, but to the God’s plan.

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