Haciendo y deshaciendo se va aprendiendo

The saying that iNMSOL offers today is related to our daily routine, since we are a foreign language school where people learn something new: “haciendo y deshaciendo se va aprendiendo”. Literally it is “doing and undoing is learned” but the general meaning is “we live and learn”.

Throughout our lives we are constantly learning, both theoretically and practically. There is nothing like practice to learn a task.

But sometimes we make mistakes and get angry because we want everything we do to be perfect. Not everyone thinks that making mistakes is good, even if it is the best way to learn. Making mistakes makes us understand in the most effective way that we do not have to repeat them.

“Haciendo y deshaciendo se va aprendiendo” is often used to tell who has been wrong that he must undo what he has done wrong and start it again so that it works out well.

The skill is obtained with experience. Life is a continuous learning, mistakes should not be feared, but amended and we should learn from them. The important thing is that the mistake does not represent only a fall, but a way to fly higher. Let’s not stand in front of a defeat, let’s always think positive!

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