Preparation Method:

Cod pil pil is one of the typical recipes of the Basque countries

Put the oil in a low, wide pan, then Put the garlic; Clean the chilli and dice in 4, sauté them briefly and remove them to a plate.

In the same oil, cook the pieces of cod fry for four minutes on each side and remove them to a plate; the cod will leave a serum that you have to save to make the pil pil.

To make the pil pil sauce:

Put some oil in a casserole and some of the cod serum and strain it with a colander moving gently. When you have added half the oil incorporates the rest of the serum without moving with the strainer. Incorporate the rest of the oil, keep moving until there is a thick pil pil. Stir in the cod slices and heat well.

Serve on a plate the chops and cover with the sauce. Garnish with the garlic and the chili pieces.