Preparation Method:


The first thing to do to start this delicious pollo a la andaluza recipe is to boil an egg in a saucepan full of water with a pinch of salt and a drizzle of oil. This process takes about ten minutes. After this time, drain the egg and, once cooled to prevent it from burning, peel it to obtain a hard-boiled egg that will then be part of the special sauce or “soffritto” that the chicken will have.


Next, we continue preparing the ingredients for the stir-fry. First, peel an onion and chop it finely. Secondly, in boiling water (we can use the same pan in which we cooked the egg) we blanch two tomatoes, which we will then remove the skin and cut into pieces. We can also grate it instead of having the whole piece, but we leave the choice up to you. Finally, peel four cloves of garlic and fry them in a frying pan until golden.


Once we have prepared the ingredients for the sofrito, we need to get to work with the main ingredient: the chicken. Season a whole chicken (for four people) with salt and pepper, if possible already cut up beforehand, and brown it in the pan in which we previously browned the garlic. When we see that they are well roasted, we let them rest on a separate plate.
We return to the sauté, then, in a large saucepan (which will be the base where we will cook the entire dish), we sauté the finely chopped onion and, after about ten minutes, add the tomato. Stir everything well.
Meanwhile, in a blender, prepare the sauté by crushing the garlic and hard-boiled egg together with 50 g of chopped almonds, a pinch of saffron, another pinch of parsley, a glass of white wine and 300 ml of chicken stock. It is important not to whisk too much, as there should be chunks left in the mixture with the chicken.


Finally pour this mixture into the saucepan together with the onion and then the chicken pieces and a bay leaf. Stir well and cook over a medium heat for about three quarters of an hour. At this point our delicious Andalusian chicken is ready.

Pollo a la andaluz

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