In the old Jewish quarter of Granada called Realejo, a few steps from our school, you can visit for free two very interesting sites that bear the name of Santo Domingo: the Church and the Royal Room.


The Church

Located in the Plaza de Santo Domingo, where there is also a sculpture of the Dominican writer Fray Luis de Granada, its construction began in the sixteenth century and was completed in contemporary times. That is why, in its realization, several styles have been mixed, such as Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque, which has made the parish one of the most peculiar buildings in the city.

From the exterior its singular facade stands out, composed by arches, columns and decorative paintings, while in the interior are of great interest the Chapel of the Holy Supper and the Virgin of Victory, with a representation of the Last Supper of Christ made with statues by Espinosa Cuadro at the beginning of the 20th century, and the Baroque altarpiece with the dressing room of the Virgen del Rosario, dominated by the presence of numerous angels and cherubs, made by Blas Antonio Moreno between 1726 and 1756.


The Royal Room

Like almost all the old Granada buildings of cultural interest, this ancient palace, built in the 13th century, has also been characterized by the presence of Muslims and Christians. Indeed, in the Almohad period, the Muslim Kings gathered in it on the days of Ramadan, but after the conquest of the Catholic Monarchs it was handed over to the Convent of Santa Cruz. Finally, in 1990 it was bought by the City Council of Granada, which began its restoration.

Today there is only one tower of that Arab building, with a square room in which the arches with Arabic inscriptions and the characteristic tiles stand out. As for the exterior, the modern building that hosts the room is surrounded by quite gardens marked by fountains and roses of various colors.


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