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Granada prepares for the Night of the Researchers

After two years spent at home in solitude due to the pandemic, this Friday, 24 September, the Night of the Researchers will take place in Paseo del Salón.

This is the largest scientific dissemination event known at European and world level which, fortunately, takes place in several cities in Spain, including Granada.

Night of Researchers

What activities are there in the European Researchers’ Night?

From 18.00 onwards, there will be various activities:

  • experiments
  • scientific routes
  • monologues
  • exhibitions
  • shows

There will be activities that will call on the creativity of children and the cunning of adults. The workshops are prepared by almost 550 researchers ─from the faculty of sciences and humanities─ of the city of Granada.

Due to the current situation, the evening will combine face-to-face and online activities. Below is the detailed programme of the 18 activities that will take place afterwards:

Stand IBS Granada

  • 18:30h – 18:50h Radiation treatment of tumours ensuring high precision. José Expósito Hernández.
  • 18:50h – 19:15h The medicines of the future. María Encarnación Morales Hernández, Margarita López-Viota Gallardo, Beatriz Clares Naveros.
  • 19:15h – 19:40h How does one see through an artificial cornea? Juan De La Cruz Cardona Pérez, Jesús Chato Astrain, Ingrid Johanna Garzón Bello, Maria de la Natividad Tejada Casado, Ana María Andrea Ionescu, Javier Ruiz López.
  • 19:40h – 20:05h Don’t let them plasticise your future. Nicolás Olea Serrano.
  • 20:05h – 20:30h What is a tele-rehabilitation session with ActiveHip+ like? Patrocinio Ariza Vega, Rafael Prieto Moreno.

European Corner Stand

  • 19:00h – 19:15h Noise is not in your head, it’s in your genes. Alba Escalera Balsera.
  • 19:30h – 19:45h ActiveHip+: Telerehabilitation for hip fracture patients and their carers. Patrocinio Ariza Vega
  • 20:45h – 21:00h UNITI: clinical trial for the treatment of tinnitus without drugs. Jose Antonio Lopez Escámez.
  • 21:00h – 21:15h Health, money and …. Everything you wanted to know about European health costs and never dared to ask. Jaime Espín

Stand kids Corner 3

  • 17:30h – 21:30h Bio-health innovation in illustrations: from the idea to the tangible. Pablo Alvarez Aránega, Arturo Argüello Martínez, Juan Antonio Muñoz Orellana, Rebeca Fernández Sánchez.
  • 17:30h – 21:30h Observation of proteins in everyday food and in our bodies. Sonia Morales Santana.
  • 17:30h – 21:30h Seeing the “invisible”. Sara Moreno San Juan.
  • 17:30h – 21:30h Science and its Instruments. Paloma Muñoz de Rueda.
  • 17:30h – 21:30h The millions of bacteria that live in your hand. Jose Manuel Molina Molina.

Microencounters stand

  • 20:00h – 20:15h Do you know what biotechnological protein drugs are? Importance of analytical chemistry in the control of their safety and efficacy. Raquel Pérez Robles.
  • 20:45h – 21:00h Informative activity on renal donation and transplantation. Antonio Osuna Ortega.

Online activities

  • 22S at 12:00h. Taking care of your skin. Salvador Arias Santiago.
  • 23S at 12:00h. New biomarkers in cancer. Marta Cuadros Celorrio.

iNMSOL recommends its students to participate in this interesting training event of international renown.

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