How our students care about the environment – a real testimony on plogging

My name is Ida and I am from Finland. I am spending four weeks in Granada for a Spanish course.

I have been alone or with my friend almost ten times “plogging“. “Plogging” means litter picking. Originally, the term was about jogging and picking up trash at the same time, but nowadays it has a broader meaning. It has been one of my hobbies for a few years now and it was very clear to me that I would continue my hobby during my time in Spain. On Instagram my plogging account is @roskalenkilla.

My accommodation is in Cenes de la Vega where I have been plogging. In the last years, my friend has already plogged by the river and there we also started together. In addition to the river environment, I have cleaned some bus stops.

I found it very sad to see how much garbage has been dumped in nature. Sitting on the bus, I look at the streets for new places that need to be cleaned up. Most of the garbage consists of food containers and different bottles and beverage cans, but of course there are also for example lots and lots of masks on the ground. Something you can’t see so easily but which is also harmful to nature because of microplastics are cigarette butts. A few days ago, I collected about 1600 cigarette butts in less than two hours – it may seem impossible, but it’s true!

Hacer plogging beneficia a todos

I decided to participate in an action of a Finnish plogger and so I have counted the cigarette butts I collect – since April this year I have collected more than 20,000. As for the masks, it’s already more than 1,000 as well. For me, plogging is like a game. I know I can’t solve the whole game alone, but I think people become aware of it, especially when they see me plogging. I would love to see more people respect our shared environment and stop littering in order to have a cleaner future.

This is just one of our students’ testimonies.

iNMSOL invites you to plugging in your free time for a sustainable and resilient green future.

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