Instituto Mediterráneo Sol offers Training Courses for teachers of Spanish in Granada, aimed at all those who are passionate about the Spanish language. If you want to dedicate yourself professionally to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language (ELE), the information we offer below will be quite interesting for you.

What is ELE?

ELE are the acronyms of Spanish as a Foreign Language (in Spanish), and refer to the teaching of Spanish to people whose mother tongue is different from Spanish, such as immigrants, tourists, students, or anyone else who wants to learn it for work, business or cultural curiosity.

Our Training Courses

These courses have a duration of 6 weeks or 4 weeks (120 lessons in both cases). They have a practical orientation and consist of 2 modules: a theoretical / practical part (40 sessions) and another part of tutored classroom practice (80 sessions).

Training Course for techers of Spanish

They are oriented to the development of basic and eminently practical skills and knowledge to be developed in the Spanish classroom: you will learn how to carry out a planned class session; how to effectively communicate and manage classroom activities with various dynamics; to identify linguistic and communicative contents of Spanish, and to give adequate explanations on these subjects. All this making use of didactic materials and with the help of an experienced tutor.

Who is the course aimed at?

You can enroll in our Teacher Training course if you belong to one of these groups:

  • University students of last years or that have just finished their studies, and find in the teaching of Spanish a professional option.
  • Teachers, or people interested in starting professionally in the teaching of Spanish.
  • Teachers with experience in this field who need to be recycled and familiar with the new methodologies of teaching Spanish and new teaching materials.
  • Foreign teachers of Spanish (in this case a minimum C1 level is required).

Training Course for teachers of Spanish

Next dates and duration

The courses are held for 6 or 4 weeks (120 classes in both cases), depending on the start date. These courses are scheduled throughout the year, in a determined starting days. These are the next start dates:

  • 15.05.2017 – 23.06.2017 – Intensive: 6 weeks duration
  • 03.07.2017 – 28.07.2017 – Superintensive: 4 weeks duration *
  • 31.07.2017 – 25.08.2017 – Superintensive: 4 weeks duration *
  • 04.09.2017 – 29.09.2017 – Super intensive: 4 weeks duration *
  • 02.10.2017 – 10.11.2017 – Intensive: 6 weeks duration
  • 13.11.2017 – 22.12.2017 – Intensive: 6 weeks duration


You can enrol comfortly from home, by cliking on the following link:

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Ph: +34 958 225 169


If you need further details, please be welcome to contact us:, or download our brochure here.