Before tackling this question, it is perhaps worthwhile to consider that: 540 million people in the world speak Spanish.

In the 21st century the personal and mental development of people is the order of the day.

Globalization has made human beings more interconnected, and learning a language has become a necessity and, in part, an obligation of the modern world.

Languages ​​allow us to better develop in the various business options that arise daily.







Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and is due above all to the sudden development of Latin American countries, which have made a qualitative leap in their international economic positions. Although English remains the key vehicular language in international exchanges, Spanish is no less; In a world that is always more globalized, it has become the second language of obligatory knowledge in the global business world.

It is expected that by 2030 Castilian Spanish will surpass English and become the second language of use and economic exchange in the world, only behind that of Chinese.

Likewise, Spanish has become an economic resource and quality teaching of the language thanks to a varied offer of courses adapted to all the needs of those who wish to learn Spanish.

Learning Spanish from business in Spain is one of the most profitable options you can choose; and what better place than Granada!

iNMSOL offers you the opportunity to take advantage of your stay in Granada by expanding your knowledge of Business Spanish.

The course is aimed at students, entrepreneurs, or people interested in business and international trade.

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