Another group of Italian students wanted to share his study trip with Instituto Mediterráneo Sol. These guys accompanied us during a week, from 14 to 21 of March. They came from Parma to Granada in order to improve their Spanish level and at the same time to discover the culture and the customs of our country. Now we tell you details about the stay of this group so special!


They arrived on Thursday morning. First we introduced them to the host families, as usual. We always offer this option to our students and we also recommend it; because it gives you the possibility to discover another country customs totally.

In the afternoon activities started with a guided visit in the center of Granada and at the barrio of Realejo. The day after lessons started in our centre iNMSOL. The academic program included 5 lessons/day and a final evaluation on the four practiced skills. We divided the group in 6 classes, every of them with an advanced level (B2/C1), and the students learned very well all the proposed contents.

Finally it started the week end and surely they enjoyed it. On Saturday they made an excursion at Cordoba. Andalusian city that represents and shows the track left in our city by different cultures in the past. Obviously, this particularity doesn’t penalize it, but it makes this city unique.

Sunday was other day dedicated to the culture: Their activity consisted in visiting the Museum of Federico García Lorca native home, in Fuente Vaqueros (where he was born). Everyone knows this person who made the Spanish culture important thanks to his art, but not everyone has the possibility to see these joys so closely. They had the opportunity and were very grateful for this.


It arrived Monday again and, surely, also lessons restarted in iNMSOL. But many activities were waiting for them: a route of the Graffiti that are visible in the Realejo, an interesting visit to the Albaicin y Sacromonte and, finally, an unforgettable visit to the Alhambra and the Generalife.

At the end of the stay we felt sad to say goodbye to them. Every group turned into a member of the iNMSOL family, and also in this case it’s been like this.

Luck to everyone and see you soon!