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A mixture of classic and futuristic opera in Lorca’s representation

The opera directed by Mauricio Sotelo and based on Federico Garcia Lorca’s “El Público” is going to be represented from the 24 of February to the 13 of March, in the Teatro Real in Madrid. In this work are jointed flamenco and electro music in a single classic and El Públicofuturistic element.

The themes about what Lorca wrote about are principally two, and they are contemporary nowadays: sexual liberty and the idea of the mask, theme that express how the open-air theater represents the conventional and bourgeois theater. Both themes are skillfully used by Sotelo to describe the modern Spain.

Even though it was written by Lorca in 1930, this work would not come out until 1987, 51 years after the writer’s assassination who left his unfinished work to his friend Martínez Nadal just before dying.

As all Lorca’s works are characterized by a strong presence of symbols, in the same way “El Público” includes some classic elements of Lorca’s style: three horses stands for the erotic desire and the irrational force of the Nature. These three characters are embodied by two cantors and a flamenco dancer, creating here the first mixture between theater and flamenco.

Moreover in the 5 “cuadro” in which the work is divided it is strongly included the use of electro music, which accompany the 34 musicians producing the background sound of the ambient effects through 35 speakers distributed all over the theater.

This opera promises to be a revolutionary as interesting and innovative representation. For this reason we advise you to see it if you have the opportunity.


For more information visit opera/?utm_source=Lorca%20en%20el%20Teatro%20Real%20/%20Entrevista%20a%20Jean%20Claude%20Gandur%20/%20Madrid,%20epicentro%20del%20arte%20/%20Miquel%20Mont&utm_medium=boletin&utm_campaign=boletin

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