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If you don’t know who to spend Saint Valentine’s Day with, don’t worry. Learning Spanish could be the key to find a partner. Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, after English and Chinese Mandarin. Learning Spanish can open communication, who knows if hearts too, with a third of the world. It’s not bad.

How Saint Valentine originates

Saint Valentine’s celebration could seem something relatively modern. However, it dates back to the times of the Egyptians. It is there where the first celebrations in honor to a sexual God, in this case the bull Apis, were made. This, through the contact between the populations of the Mediterranean, converted in the Greek veneration of the billy-goat.

The Roman Empire, during its rising, took a lot of inspiration in Greek culture. Hence the continuation of the faun myth, that was considered a God born from an impure animal like the ram.

In the Roman celebrations to Luperchus, or Lupercalia, they venerated the duality of man’s sexuality represented through the impure ram and the wolf. These celebrations are held once a year, the 15th of February. After the Empire conversion to Christianism, the celebration was anticipated and attributed to Saint Valentine worship. Saint Valentine got inspired by the life in Rome. Nevertheless, nowadays the worship has been retired. Its existence is discussed in the bosom of Catholic Church.

It makes no difference whether it exists a time behind Lovers’ Day or not. The real importance lives in history, in the importance of dedicating a day to love.

San Valentín en Granada Planes e historia - Blog Escuela de Español

Spanish, the language of love

Spanish is a Romance language. This defines the languages that derive from the vulgar use of Latin. Inside this big difference are 5 principal languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian.

To talk about love in a language we talk about sound. It is casually in sound where the phonetics specialists distinguish between Eastern (Italian and Romanian) and Western Romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese and French).

Nowadays more than ever foreign people have a more romantic and attractive perception of this language. Maybe for poetry related to the more emotional than pragmatic personality of Spanish people. Maybe for music and some of its exponents like Julio Iglesias or Shakira, both sensuality icons even with two different styles. Or maybe intervened the Caribbean sexuality and the reggaeton that caused such success in the last years.

The truth is that, one way or another, Spanish is the new language of love. It especially gains a major sensuality in men.

Couple plans for Saint Valentine’s Day in Granada

There are some people who are lucky because they can spend Saint Valentine’s Day in Granada. The city of the Alhambra is full of romantic legends. From Lorca’s Romancero Gitano, passing through the histories of the Albaycín and the Alhambra. Below we are going to describe a route through Granada and surroundings which are protagonists of different successes related to love:

  • Portería Concepción street, Albaicín: there is situated the Casa Zafra, and also the house of the column, where Leila waited for her beloved Audallah.
  • The Alhambra: In the Patio de los Leones too there is a legend about love. The Alhambra can be one of the best options to visit during Saint Valentine’s Day.
  • Sacromonte abbey: In the abbey of Sacromonte, near Albaicín, there are two stones that lovers can decide to touch.
  • Sierra Nevada: In Sierra Nevada happened the legend of the King of the Silence. This is the story of King Muley Hacén, the name of the highest peak of the Iberian peninsula. Its legend covers the mountains with magic, a place to spend Saint Valentine with your partner.

If you want to spend a perfect Saint Valentine’s Day, we recommend you to visit some of these places with your partner.

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