Italy-Spain: the connection continues! Another group of Italian students chose our centre Inmsol for their stay in Granada during a week for the work-related learning program. Unfortunately they already went away , but they have left us good moments together and many memories. Now we will share with you.

First day in the city

On 16th of February a group of 25 students arrived in Granada and the day after they had already the opportunity to visit another wonderful Andalusian city: Cordoba. Obviously, they were fascinated by its narrow and charming streets, by its coloured flowers and the evident blend between three cultures (Islamic, Christian and Hebrew) that characterise many cities of Andalusia.  On Sunday night they came back to Granada, they chose to accommodate in Spanish families and this gave them the opportunity to live totally the customs and food of our country.

Italian students Imnsol

Classes and activities

After a week-end of tourism, Monday they started the lessons. They have had a course about español del turismo for work-related learning program. It included 5 lessons’ days in the morning, practical visits related to the professional area and every afternoon a different activity. Obviously, the academic program respected totally the capacity and the level of every student (B1 level). The teachers, everybody professional and with a great experience in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, they were very surprised by the excellent capacity of these students to learn and the desire to expand their knowledges.Italian students in granada

How we said before, they took part in many excursions. The multiple visited guides offered to the guys, it gives them the possibility to discover some of the prettier and more important places of the city: Realejo, Albaicin and Sacromonte, visit to the Alhambra and Generalife. Furthermore, they had the possibility to see up close the world of Spanish tourism and commerce, visiting the Hotels and Tourism Federation of Granada and the Office of Provincial Patronage Tourism.


Who were the Italian students

At the end of their stay we felt very sad to say goodbye to these polite and loving guys. We had a very good time with them, for this we hope to see them again in Granada.

Good luck to everyone and see you soon!


Italian students in granada