Obviously you cannot deny that it makes sense to study Spanish in Spain, as the best way to learn a language is being in the country. But Spain is a big country with many beautiful cities. So why go to Granada? I’ll give you some of the most important reasons why studying in Granada is a really good idea.



Because Granada has…


1)… the perfect size

The city of Granada has with its approximately 230,000 inhabitants the perfect size, neither too big nor too small. You can reach all the important places by foot and if one day you want to go somewhere a bit farther away, as for example the central bus station, you can take the bus. In the city center you have everything you could wish for within walking distance: different kinds of shops, the touristic attractions and monuments, countless bars, restaurants, cafes and much more!


2)… an international ambience

Granada is an international city. It does not only attract more than 2.5 million tourists every year, but it’s also the capital of Erasmus, receiving at its university among its 65,000 students the highest percentage of foreign students in Europe. This high percentage of people from all over the world gives our city a certain multicultural touch and a special, open-minded ambience. Also, Granada is thanks to its many students a relatively young city full of life.


3)… the perfect location

Granada has the perfect location, in summer as in winter. At a distance of only 30 km you find the ski runs of Sierra Nevada, one of the most attractive winter-sports areas of Europe, and the Tropical Coast with its beautiful beaches is only 75 km away.

At the right time of the year you can even go skiing and swim in the Mediterranean Sea at the same day!


And the Sierra Nevada is of course also a great place for outdoor sports and excursions in summer like cycling, hiking or climbing.



4)… a diverse cultural life

The city of Granada offers as well a diverse cultural life. In spring you have for example the famous Easter processions and the celebrations of the Day of the Cross, and later at the end of May or the beginning of June there is the Corpus Christi, the most important feast in Granada.

Apart from those big events, we celebrate in July the International Music and Dance Festival with artists and musicians from all over the world. And of course you can find the whole year something fun to do: concerts of all types in a bar or a public place, a dance or theatre performance, a flamenco performance in the streets, cinemas, museums… there’s something for everyone!

And of course, we cannot forget the tapas! They are an important part of Grenadian culture and gastronomy!


You can’t stay in Granada without going every now and then to a bar to have some tapas. But what am I saying, every now and then? You can have tapas every day!



5)… a special and unique charm

Those of you who have already been to Granada know what I mean. Granada has a certain magic, a special charm you won’t find anywhere else.

I’m not sure where this special atmosphere in Granada comes from. Maybe it’s the mixture of different cultures, the mixture of history and modern age and of course the various monumental sites of Granada like the famous Alhambra, the Albaicín, the Sacromonte or the Cathedral which make our town such a special place.



It’s impossible not to fall in love with our precious Granada when you’re walking through the narrow alleyways in the Arabic quarter Albaicín, when you’re going up to the viewpoint San Miguel Alto in the evening and you see how the walls of the Alhambra glow

red in the light of the sunset, when you’re stopping at a street corner to listen to a musician playing the guitar or to contemplate a spontaneous flamenco performance, when you’re sitting down in a cafe under the shadow of some trees to have a drink or when you’re admiring the ornaments in the Nasrid Palaces.





I could go on and on talking and going into raptures about Granada, but I think I better stop here.

I think those five reasons are already enough in order to convince you that Granada is the perfect place for your linguistic journey. And if I didn’t convince you, well then come and see for yourself that I’m telling the truth! 😉


When you now feel like travelling to Granada to learn Spanish, well then get enrolled today in one of the Spanish courses we offer in our Spanish school iNMSOL! We’re waiting for you! And Granada awaits you as well 😉