This year Granada presents the topic “Creativity and Heritage”, indeed from the 16th until the 19th of November you have different possibilities:

Free entrance in 23 tourist spots (such as the monumental complex of Alhambra, Carmen de Los Mártires, Palacio de los Córdova, Carmen del Aljibe del Rey);

–  Guided tours ( such as “La Granada nazarí”, the “Hospital de la Tiña”, “Los misterios de los Zafra” and “Cuesta del Rey Chico”);

Shows and cultural activities (projections about architecture, concerts of  flamenco and also magic shows with Miguel Puga y Mago Migue).



Furthermore Granada offers three different temporary exhibitions:

1)   “Confesión general”: at Palacio de Carlos V where they present the different painting  stages of the artist Luis Gordillo;

2)  Two at Alhambra Museum: “Reflejos de Egipto”, about the fatimí pottery, from the collection of  Archaelogical Museum.

During these days you can also find activities that promote flamenco, such as the “Zambra gitana del Sacromonte” at “María la Canastera”.

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