A camino largo paso corto / Slow and steady gets you there in better shape

Slow and steady gets you there in better shape“, that in Spanish is “a camino largo, paso corto“, is a saying that reminds you to be patient in those tasks that take a long time to be done. It recommends you to take everything by little steps, and to avoid to rush in order to do it with the care it needs.

In general, it reminds us that every work or task needs its time to be done in a proper way, as another proverb says: “haste is not good counselor”.  

Literally speaking, it suggests you to walk slowly when you take a long journey as you don’t get tired at the middle of the road.


Other Proverbs

Hacia la Virgen de El Pilar comienza el tiempo a cambiar.
Nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena. / Better later than never.
Atar los perros con longanizas / To tie the dogs with sausages
Cuando fuiste martillo no tuviste clemencia, ahora que es yunque, ten paciencia.

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