Barley on the tail of the dead donkey!!!

Barley on the tail of the dead donkey!!!

 This proverb suggest the idea of Carpe diem.

If we say “Barley on the tail of the dead donkey”, we are suggesting to enjoy this life, here and now, because after leaving this world, riches and honour are useless. It advises us not to expect anything of posterity, after our death. Praises, fame, glory are like the barley we place next to a dead donkey’s tail. They are useless.


Other Proverbs

Hacia la Virgen de El Pilar comienza el tiempo a cambiar.
Nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena. / Better later than never.
Atar los perros con longanizas / To tie the dogs with sausages
Cuando fuiste martillo no tuviste clemencia, ahora que es yunque, ten paciencia.

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