Preparation Method:

  1. Blanch almonds in boiling water to remove the skin, and then once peeled, put them in a mortar with the peeled garlic cloves and a little of salt. Crush everything until the result is a fine paste, that will be mixed with the bread crumb soaked. Follow until everything is well blended. Gradually pour the olive oil while pound the mixture until it gets a paste similar to mayonnaise, then add the vinegar to mix well with the paste. Pour it into a bowl and add cold water slowly while mixing everything. Finally, add the shelled grapes and a little of stale bread, salt if necessary and serve.
  2. Ajoblanco (sometimes written ajo blanco) is a popular Spanish cold soup typical from Granada and Málaga (Andalusia). It is also a common dish in Extremadura (Ajo Blanco Extremeño).
  3. Its origin may come from Roman gastronomy because the ingredients were already very popular in ancient times. Granada and Malaga have always been arguing about the invention of the garlic soup, but what no one doubts about the humble origins of the dish.
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