Preparation Method:

  1. Take the bowl of the mixer (if you haven’t, you can throw everything in a pot and use a automatic hand blender ) and add inside the tomatoes cut into four pieces . If you want you can remove the skin.
  2. Take off to the pepper the stalk and the seeds, cut into four or five pieces and put it with tomatoes.
  3. Peel the garlic clove , cut in a half lengthwise and remove the center. Put the garlic with the remaining vegetables.
  4. Take the piece of onion (peeled ) and cut it into three or four pieces. Add to the bowl of the mixer .
  5. Take cucumber and peel it . Cut it in a half and reserve some for later. The other cut into four or five pieces and whisk.
  6. Now that all the vegetables are in the gazpacho bowl of the mixer, you will operate it (well covered) and leave running until there are no more pieces of vegetables (the time will depend on the power of the blender).
  7. Now add the salt, oil and vinegar. We advise you to start with three tablespoons of vinegar and then rectifying (adding more) as you like. Give the blender five seconds and then taste . Rectify salt and vinegar as you prefer.
  8. If the gazpacho has the right consistency, go to the next step; if it doesnt, add cold water until it is as you like. Note that depending on the water content of the vegetables, that amount is not fixed so you have to go slowly adding , mix and see if it is as you like it . You also have to keep in mind that if you water too the gazpacho, the taste will be reduced and you may need to add salt and vinegar.
  9. Finally add the half apple in small cubes and do the same with cucumber we had reserved. Put in the fridge and serve very cold.

Have a good lunch!


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