Preparation Method:

  1. Once blunt, peel the eggplant and cut into cubes. Sprinkle a pinch of salt and let drain. Cook the pasta sheets and let drain on a clean cloth.
  2. In the same pan, heat a drizzle of olive oil and saute the finely chopped chives. When they are soft, add the chopped garlic cloves and brown slightly.
  3. Then, add the chicken,  little up the heat and add a pinch of oregano. Move it to make it very loose . Then incorporate the berenjenas’ dices well rinsed and drained and saute them until they are cuddly
  4. Then, season with salt, pepper and a little nutmeg and give a few laps until they completely reduce juice . Add pine nuts, get a bowl and leave to warm . Preheat oven to about 170 degrees
  5. On each sheet of pasta, put a few tablespoons of prepared stuffing and roll up , with the seam side down . Place the cannelloni in a dish, close together so they doesn’t open.
  6. Finally , mix the batter with tomato sauce and cover cannelloni with it . Then, cover with grated cheese filling and bake fifteen minutes . At the last moment , broil at 200 degrees and serve freshly made.
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