You know you want to learn Spanish, and you want to do so in Spain, but what else do you need to keep in mind and have decided before you arrive? Read on for some tips to make your trip, and summer in Spain, an unforgettable one.

Choose Your Accommodation

Once you get to Spain, you want to focus on learning Spanish in Spain, not where you will be staying. Would you prefer a shared apartment or to participate in a home stay? Perhaps spending your nights in a hostel, hotel or private apartment meets your needs. Figure out want you want and what you need before you arrive and have peace of mind upon arrival.

Group of Spanish teenage Student in GranadaPick a City and Centre in Which to Study

Do you like big, bustling cities or smaller, more intimate ones? What are your goals for boosting your Spanish skills? How do you like to learn? In a classroom or as you work your way through real-world situations? Think about what is important to you and your personal goals.

iNMSOL offers the best of both worlds. The centre is located in the middle of Granada, a city in southern Spain, where medieval architecture, mountains and hills come together to form a place that is perfect for immersing yourself in Spanish. Courses are conducted in Spanish, through a series of classes, daily activities and weekly excursions. With this approach, you can learn Spanish and pick up the language faster, and with greater proficiency, than elsewhere.

Figure out Some Activities to Do

Your summer in Spain should not just be spent on your course. Make time for fun. Granada has numerous attractions, so make note of what you want to see and do. Take in the architecture of the Alhambra and the Royal Chapel of Granada, or wander the gardens of Generalife and the promenade of the Paseo de los Tristes. There are always opportunities to take in a Flamenco show or theatre performance, rock out at a concert, play sports or eat some traditional foods as well. Do not forget to try some must-eat dishes such as Habas con Jamon and Plato Alpujarreño.

Keep this advice in mind, and the only things on your mind will be how great it is to learn Spanish in Spain, where to get the best tapas and how you are going to make the most of your vacation.