We have some good news for you! The Spanish in a Day contest is now back! And now there is a version for Juniors. We are so excited! Instituto Mediterráneo Sol will be the school that will host the winners, within the “C de Cineclub” category. The winners will enjoy a linguistic stay in Granada, including a Spanish course in  iNMSOL, accommodation at Spanish families and various activities. It will be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Remember the contest Spanish in a Day? The first edition took place in 2016 and our school participated in this amusing contest. If you want to refresh your memory reading the post announcing the winner in our category from last year, please click here.

Spanish in a Day Junior

Basic principles of the contest:

We will sum up the most important steps to participate in the contest Spanish in a Day Junior:

  1. Form a group between 3 to 5 people in order to participate.
  2. Visit the official website of the contest: http://spanishinaday.com/concurso/sid-junior
  3. Take the level test online (via the link mentioned in the website), in order to know in which category you can take part. There are 3 categories (depending on your level in Spanish): A for Acción (A1-A2 level), B for Butaca (B1-B2 level) and C de Cineclub (C1-C2 level). There is also a special mention to I for Intercultura.
  4. By the 31st of March, it will be available on the website a 10-hour NanoMOOC. It will be very useful, because it will prepare you for the project!
  5. Think about your video and shoot it with any means you dispose (camera, mobile phone or tablet). Do it according to the content you are given, select the participants, the script, etc. And above all, use your creativity!
  6. By the time the video is ready, upload it on the website. Your deadline is until the 28th of May.

Within the videos took part, the judges of the contest will vote for three finalists from each category. IMSOL will take part in the category C de Cineclub as a judge. Your support on the social media (mainly on Facebook) will be very important, given that the votes on Facebook count for 40%.

iNMSOL will inform you about the progress of the contest through our social media. So, stay tuned!

Cheer up and take part! We are waiting for you this summer!

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