More than a week ago we had the pleasure of welcoming a group of Italian students at INMSOL from Treviso, Italy, which is spending a few great days in Granada and at Instituto Mediterráneo Sol. They arrived at INMSOL in late August, and they will be with us until the end of the week, thanks to a study trip organized by their Italian Liceo.

This is not the first time that these guys visit us! And it makes us very happy, because it seems that they had a really good time before, and they wanted to repeat their experience.

2 intense weeks

During these 2 weeks they are carrying out an intense program, which combines Spanish classes (to improve their level, as they all already have a pretty good level of Spanish), with excursions and activities organized by INMSOL and, of course, free time to enjoy the city.

Grupo llegando al Cármen de los Mártires


One of the places that they did not  know yet  is the Carmen de los Mártires. It is located in the south of the site of the Alhambra, and is the place where Queen Isabel the Catholic built the first Christian church.





It is a hermitage built on the highest part of the hill, in memory of the Christian martyrs who suffered martyrdom during the Arab domination. After being used as a church and a convent, it was renovated in the XIX century: it underwent a restoration in which a small palace and the beautiful gardens were added, and we can can now visit all the area.

Foto de grupo 2   Foto de grupo

Many of their cultural activities have been related to the most popular Granadian poet of all times: Federico García Lorca.

Estatua de LorcaEstudiantes con Lorca



They have studied a little bit more about him in their class; a “ruta Lorquiana” (tour about Lorca) was held along the streets of Granada, where they could discover curious things about his life in Granada, visit his statue, etc.






And they also had the chance to travel to Fuente Vaqueros, the small home town of Lorca, and the house  – now a museum – where he was born.

Foto grupo en casa museo Lorca     Casa museo Lorca con profesor

What about their weekends?

The Spanish culture does not stop on Fridays. Our guys have visited two of the most representative spots of the region: the Alpujarras and Ronda. Daytrips are always included in these kind of group programs. This group from Treviso travelled to Ronda, one of the most beautiful cities of Málaga, where you can breath the Andalusian culture and lifestyle.

RondaJamones AlpujarraEncurtidos Alpujarras








Furthermore, they had the chance to visit the Alpujarras, back in Granada. The Alpujarras is the area in the mountains of Granada, composed by a lot of small tiny towns, very traditional and located in a very beautiful area of the region. They could learn about the most typical dishes and food of the region, the jamón is very popular there!

But their trip has not ended here! We will keep you informed about their other activities and how are they doing… this is so much fun!