It has passed some days since our Norwegian students went away, but we want to share with you this unique experience that they lived in our institute. They arrived on Saturday 2 of March in the evening, and now we tell you their experience to start from the day after.

Even if they were quite tired, surely they could see the differences that distinguish a country from the other.


From Sunday they started the excursions, all very interesting and useful in order to see some aspects of Spain in general, and Andalusia above all.

The first day of program they went to the Alpujarras, region of the Sierra situated at 2 hours away from Granada and that we recommend you to see for the variety of its villages and much more. They felt very good and in the night they turned at the hotel where they lived in order to relax, because the day after the lessons started in our institute iNMSOL.

They attended a Spanish course focused on the learning not only of the language, but also of culture of our country adapt to their levels. They had classes 3 hours/day, every morning, from Monday to Friday.  On the other hand, in the evening, they took part in vary really good organized workshops and visits

Do you want any examples? A very interesting workshop of ceramics, a real novelty for the majority that never had assisted to something like this. What else? A fascinating workshop of dance related to the Flamenco show that they saw at Sacromonte in the night. We sincerely recommend to everybody to enjoy once in the lifetime this pure art.


During the rest of the week they went to a gastronomic tasting, they had a guided tour to discover the oldest streets of the city, that are Albaicín and Sacromonte, and also to the most emblematic places of Granada, that are Alhambra and Generalife.



Exactly after a week, unfortunately, they left Granada in order to back home. Surely the given lessons let them improve their Spanish writing and oral capability and the activities that they made let them live intensively the Spanish customs. For this reason, it is sure that the guys felt very content of this experience and we also are happy to make part of their experience.

We wish good luck to everybody, we will always remember this week together, and we hope to see them again soon in Granada!