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Today Inmsol propose a typical dish of the entire Spanish peninsula : Breaded eggplants Fried . Eggplants are tremendously versatile and with them we can make delicious dishes, although, without a doubt, one of the tastiest ways to prepare them is to make them battered, well browned and crispy …

However, this recipe is usually used as an accompaniment, since the batter implies a great caloric intake. If you want to enjoy this delicious delicacy, do not stop reading …

Fried battered eggplants are made with few ingredients and are delicious.

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It is prepared like this:

  • Wash the eggplants and cut them into slices and with similar thickness.
  • I recommend: neither too thin nor too thick, to be cooked in a short time.
  • Put the eggplant slices in a bowl, for 30 minutes with beer, soda or soda water.
  • After those 30 minutes, put them in a drainer (to release excess liquid).
  • Shell the two eggs, put them in a bowl and beat them as if they were for tortillas.
  • To batter the eggplants, put flour on a plate and pass them on both sides.
  • Just before frying, you must pass them one by one through the beaten egg.
  • On the one hand and on the other, then direct to hot oil.
  • You can fry the eggplants in a fryer, in a pan or saucepan.
  • Go taking eggplant batches and place them on a plate with paper towels (so that it absorbs excess oil).
  • Pour salt while they are still hot.

Time: 30 minutes (plus 30 soak)

Difficulty: easy

alt=”Fried breaded eggplants"

Fried breaded eggplants

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