Preparation Method:

The Salmorejo is a delicious thick cold tomato cream, especially suitable for our Andalusian summer days.

Let’s start! It is a really simple recipe, just go step by step:

1. Put the bread soaked with water in a bowl, until it is soaked and squishy.

2. Meanwhile, wash the tomatoes, remove the green part and cut them up (no need to peel them if you then put the paste through a sieve).

3. Take the bread out of water and drain it well. Add it to the tomato paste and add the olive oil, the peeled garlic and salt.

4. Grind everything well: we can use a normal mixer, a blender or a food processor.

It should be an orange thick cream, with a soft texture.

For the presentation: it is usually served in a bowl. Chop the cooked egg (in very small pieces) and chop the ham. Sprinkle both ingredients on the top and add a good splash of olive oil … Now it’s ready to serve!

Enjoy! You guys will love it.