Preparation Method:

  1. Slice thinly the potatoes and season them. Make it fry in a frying pan whith oil and mix them from time to time so that they don’t stick. (If you want to put onions, add them a little after the potatoes)
  2. When it is cooked, put them in a contain where will be the eggs beforehand whisked.
  3. Let a little of oil in the stove and when it’s very very hot, pour the eggs and the potatoes a few seconds (4-5)  so that it doesn’t stick and then cook over a gentle heat.
  4. Shake it with high rings and when you see that that it start to be cooked,you have to forget the fork and  do a back and forth with the stove until the tortilla is cooked.
  5. You have to cover the stove with a plate, so that we can turn over the tortilla.
  6. Finally, do the same thing (high ring and then cook over a gentle heat) with the other side but putting the tortilla less time if you want it to be juicy.