iNMSOL is not simply a school where you have grammar, lexicon and Spanish culture classes, but also a wonderful institution that organizes fantastic trips and weekends!

Today we are going to talk about the experience of three students of the school, who have decided to have a weekend full of fun while discovering another culture.

From July 26 to 28, 2019 they visited three very characteristic cities of Morocco on the excursion proposed by iNMSOL. Let’s explain what it is.

Day 1

The first day is a day of travel, long but comfortable.

You leave Granada to Malaga and then take a bus to get to Algeciras, where you also take a boat to Ceuta, one of the Spanish cities in African territory next to Melilla.

The hotel where you are staying in Tetouan is wonderful, with double or triple rooms and offering breakfast and dinner.


Day 2

The excursion to Morocco starts on the second day.

There is a visit with two guides to the Tetuan and Tangier Medinas.

Medina means “ancient city” and is usually located in the upper part of the city, surrounded by a century-old wall with many entrances.

Here the stores offer a sample of crafts, carpets and particular dresses. Lunch includes local food, which is soup, couscous, meat with vegetables, desserts with tea.

In Tangier we can also see the (imaginary) meeting point between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. How cool!



Day 3

The third day you have to get up a little earlier so that everyone can enjoy more time in Chefchaouen, a completely blue city.

Chefchaouen means “the horns”, because two hills in this way dominate the landscape. The blue colour, as the guide explains, serves to cool the houses, because in summer it is very hot.


Cous cous


The restaurant where you have lunch offers a plate full of fresh vegetables from the farmers of the city, meat with vegetables, fruit and tea with desserts.

After the meal, you return to Spain.

Our students are very satisfied and happy for this weekend, because they met many people from different cultures (American, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, French and more), they tasted local food and saw particular places. They recommend it to all the other students of the school, because such an experience has to be lived, better if everything is well organized.

And you… do you want to come with us? Stay informed to sign up and not miss this fantastic opportunity.

We are waiting for you!

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